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We help you to start your Tourist Guide career with job placements

At Livingstone Tourist Guide Academy we don’t just let you be out there after you have finished your Tourist Guide Training with us. We have partnered with several companies where you can start guiding and get real life experience.

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Windward Charters

Windward Charters & Livingstone Tour Guide Academy have formed a partnership. This partnership will give newly qualified guides the opportunity to be allocated on tours.

Guides will be allocated a maximum of 3 tours (including overland) without remuneration. The placements shall enhance the guiding skills for both – local and overland touring.

Windward endeavors to assist with job shadowing to all newly qualified guides (English or foreign speaking).
Windward will provide the opportunity of a job placement at the company for the selected guides.
The company will expose and train the selected Tour Guides by allocating them on tours including the Garden Route areas.

The allocation of the guides are up to Windward Charters discretion.

Call: 082 411 5319

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Lucky and Lost

Lucky and Lost Tours is looking for new freelance guides. Ideally looking for persons between the ages of 23 and 40. 

All applicants to have valid Tourist Guide card, First Aid and Drivers License with PDP.

This is a driver/guide position. Experience driving a Quantum preferable.

After meeting guides will shadow 2-3 tours. Guides will be asked to drive vehicle during these tours to asses driving confidence.

If deemed ready, guides will be given the opportunity to lead a tour with one of the owners observing the tour at a discounted guide rate of R300 for the day. This may take more than one tour and is at the discretion of Lucky and Lost.
Once deemed ready the guides will lead their own tour at full renumeration, to be agreed between Lucky and Lost and guide.
Lucky and Lost endeavours to assist with job shadowing with the intention of a freelance relationship between said guide and Lucky and Lost.

We will expose and train the selected guides by allocating them on tours.

Applicants please send CV, Photograph, Copies of Guide Card and Valid PDP to

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Scout Africa

Scout Africa would like to give you the opportunity to become a better equipped and more confident Tour Guide.
Your training provider gives you a lot of information in a very short time. Due to time constrains in the training schedule
they are not able to provide you with additional practical training and the experience needed to be an excellent guide.
In conjunction with your Tourist Guide training we will provide you with an additional practical experience. Providing
you with the opportunity to see how a tour is conducted. You will have the experience through the eyes of a tourist and
also be given the opportunity to ask questions on possible scenarios, and practically prepare yourself for your first tour.

Applicants please send CV, Photograph, Copies of Guide Card and Valid PDP to

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