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For over 20 years tourism guide training in South Africa is our pride and passion. Livingstone Tourism Academy is the Tourist Guide Training market leader and fully accredited by the South African Tourism Authority

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Cape Town Tour Guide Students at the Airport

At Tourism Academy Cape Town you can choose between full-time and part-time courses. You can become an South African Tourism Board accredited Tour Guide in a short period of time at very affordable fees.
Why wait ? Become a CATHSSETA registered Tourist Guide in South Africa now.
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Livingstone Tour Guide Students at the Waterfront

To become a CULTURE SITE TOUR GUIDE the prescribed unit standards must be achieved as well as the embedded knowledge of the various areas.
After the course and the first written examination, you will qualify as a Culture Site Guide and will be able to guide Tourists competently.

What does a Tourist Guide do?

Livingstone Tourist Guide Students on a field trip.

Tour guides are responsible for informing and entertaining visitors. They must be well-educated in the subjects they are discussing. Guides can work in a variety of settings, including museums, historical landmarks, self-employed or with a travel company. They must select the most important and interesting information about the subject and present it to the visitors in a simple, yet appealing, way. 

Testimonials for Livingstone Tour Guide Academy

I am extremely appreciative of the opportunity I have received to obtain my tour guiding qualification from the Livingston Tourism Academy. There are so many individuals who played a part in getting me to where I am today. This letter will in no way cover the multitude of the appreciation I have for each and every one of you, but hopefully, you will catch a glimpse of my gratitude.

I truly believe that the tour guiding profession plays an integral part in the tourism landscape by promoting our country, relaying the correct information and giving continuous excellence in customer care so that visitors will have a positive experience during their visit.

In my position as the Shadow Minister of Tourism it fills me with excitement that soon I will join your ranks as we contribute to tourism by sharing South Africa’s unique cultural and natural heritage while at the same time impressing on visitors the significance of the places and destinations they are visiting.

I have received the greatest benefit I can imagine from my studies at the Livingston Tourism Academy. What a priviledge it is to be a part of such an amazing tourism learning institute, filled with such amazing people! This organization provides opportunities to learn and practice the teachings of tourism, which enable individuals to actualize their optimum potential.

Yours sincerely,
James Vos MP

James Vos MP

Shadow Minister of Tourism, Parliament RSA

Dear Tour Guides, Dear Jeanette, Dear Jacques,

thank you to All of you.
It was an Honor, a Pleasure and lots of Fun to be part of this group.
I want to wish you all well and the best for your future in the Tourism Industry.
To Jacques and Jeanette I want to say a huge huge huge THANK YOU.
For your hard work, excellent knowledge and patience.

You Guys ROCK !


Jay Reede

Tourist Guide

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